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Aunty Beast


Local puppet-master-extraordinaire Aunty Beast creates meticulously crafted plushies, puppets, pups, and beasts. Each is hand-sewn, wrought from another world, and imbued with their own life and personality. So far, four distinct genotypes have been discovered: Plushies with arms and legs; Stash Mouths, which are Plushies that can devour all of your darkest secrets (or hide your phone for a few hours); Hand Pups with no legs; and Hybrids, which feature arms, legs, and a hand opening at the back of the head for puppeteering.


But who is Aunty Beast? An ambassador for the artist explains: 


Aunty Beast is probably someone you know. The bus driver, the phlebotomist, your wedding florist. Someone you don’t expect. Maybe you’ve noticed a twinkle in their eye–something that lets you know there’s just something a little different. Though, in times like these, everyone is a bit unhinged so perhaps it is the perfect cover for a secret identity. You see, the thing that’s different about Aunty Beast’s otherwise completely normal, obscure existence is that she’s charged with the care and guard of a portal into another world. That’s where the beasts come from. Sometimes several at a time; sometimes none for a year. Aunty Beast simply serves their needs, keeping up with feeding and care for the beasts, until they are adopted by the so-called collectors, who offer safety and refuge from the great and terrible unknown.


  • "LUCKY TEETH" (April 2023)

Catalog of works.

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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