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AEA'S Periodic Table OF ELEMENTS
group show series

PERIODIC TABLE 3 : July 21st - August  16th, 2023

Arch Enemy Arts presents PERIODIC TABLE III, the third edition of our group show series inspired by the fundamental building blocks of the universe. In this exhibition, our artists-turned-alchemists create new substances in paint and sculpture, reimagining the elegant order that governs the natural world. From Alexis Trice’s ode to the life-making element of sodium to Rebecca Reeves’ toxically seductive, blood-red beads of arsenic, this exhibition draws us in to discover new and enigmatic stories that entwine art and science. 

PERIODIC TABLE 3 will be on view from July 21st - August 13th, 2023
Sold worked will begin to ship the week of August 20th unless other rush shipping arrangements have been made.

All pieces marked with a red dot have been sold.

Payment plans are available - email to inquire. Additional detail photos can be requested.


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