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Hot Summer weather is officially here, and so is our innate human desire to be called closer to cooling bodies of water. From the ocean, to the lakes, rivers, and our backyard pools - our magnetic attraction to water is undeniable. Whether it's through the satisfaction we get from drinking a tall glass of ice water, the calming sounds of gentle ocean waves we play at night to fall asleep, or even the meditative sensation of floating weightless in a salt water isolation tank, it's been scientifically proven that just seeing, hearing, and being around water can positively effect both our minds and bodies. Taking this fact into consideration we wanted to bring the calming sensation of water-themed visuals to your surroundings and asked some of our favorites from the Arch Enemy roster to create new works inspired by water. 


Arch Enemy Arts presents BEYOND TIDES III, a group exhibition featuring twenty-four artists, who use their work to explore the vast (and vastly uncharted) reservoir of the sea. Home to an unimaginably diverse array of creatures and organisms, the ocean remains widely unexplored–leaving space for our artists to chart their own course.

From Maryann Held’s otherworldly naturalism in “Leafy Sea Dragon” to Caroline Dewison’s UFOs “Coming in Waves,” BEYOND TIDES III documents alien encounters both real and imagined. Eric Sonntag creates his own mythological narrative, beautifully rendered in relief (“Viper’s Vigil”), and Miriam Frank dreams of friendship with a fjordian whale (“Mon ami le cachalot”). BEYOND TIDES III takes us to places made for dreams. As kEda Gomes puts it describing her piece (“Whale Song”): “It is not down on any map; true places never are” (Herman Melville, Moby Dick).

BEYOND TIDES III features work by Allison Sommers, Andrea Hooge, Caroline Dewison, Dewi Plass, Doug Boehm, Eric Sonntag, Erica Lyn Schmidt, Erica Peebus, Frank Gonzales, JB Burke, kEda Gomes, Lori Nelson, Lurk Loves You, Marek Osedowski, Maryann Held, Michael Camarra, Miriam Frank, Molly Devlin, Molly Gruninger, Sad Salesman, Sarah Jamison,

SV Williams, and Veks Van Hillik.

BEYOND TIDES 3 will be on view from June 21st - August 4th.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of August 4th, unless other arrangements have been made.

View the works from BEYOND TIDES 2 - Opened June 17th, 2022

View the works from BEYOND TIDES - Opened June 18th, 2021

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all works below are available for immediate shipping and can be purchased with a flexible payment plan

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all works below are available for immediate shipping and can be purchased with a flexible payment plan

• email if you'd like to make a purchase •

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