As Above, So Below

group exhibition • June 3rd - 28th, 2016

As Above, So Below features new works by Audrey Pongracz, Bruce Parker, Buddy Nestor, Caitlin McCormack, Carly Janine Mazur, Colin Frangicetto, Dave Correia, Drew Leshko, Gretchen Lewis, Heather McLean, Lioba Brückner, Naoto Hattori, Nick Sheehy, Paul Romano, Peca, Rachael Bridge, and Tom Bagshaw. 


Each artist was asked to create a new piece that works as an ambigram, and would maintain meaning even when viewed or interpreted from a different direction. These are not ‘mirror images’, for example Drew Leshko chose to create a ‘deconstructed’ form of one of his dumpsters, Peca created a piece where the characters float in zero-gravity, viewable from all display angles 360 around, Dave Correa depicts a creature who lord over time and space and a 90 degree rotation reveals the lair from which he rules, and Naoto Hattori paints a regal character whose true nature is revealed in a reflection in the pool below. 

For purchasing information and availability, contact or call 215.717.7774

Audrey Pongracz
"The Sisters of Mercy" (2016)
oil on linen
12 x 12" framed to 16 x 16"
$650.00 USD
Audrey Pongracz
framing detail of "The Sisters of Mercy"
Nick Sheehy
"The Leap" (2016)
graphite & watercolor on paper
12.6 x 12.6" framed to
$850.00 USD
Nick Sheehy
framing detail of "The Leap"
Tom Bagshaw
"The Balance" (2016)
one off digital painting on cotton rag stock mounted on board, embellished, varnished & framed
10 x 16" framed to 15.5 x 21.5"
$1,100.00 USD
Tom Bagshaw
framing detail of "The Balance"
"Gravity Is In The Apple Mind" (2016)
oil on wood board
12 x 12" framed to 17 x 17"
$1,500.00 USD
framing detail of "Gravity Is In The Apple Mind"
Carly Janine Mazur
"Persephone" (2016)
oil, acrylic, gold leaf on board
8 x 8" frmed to 8.75 x 8.75"
$830.00 USD
Carly Janine Mazur
framing detail of "Persephone"
Dave Correia
"The Lord of The Lair" (2016)
oil on panel framed in an embellished resin & wood frame
Dave Correia
framing detail of "The Lord of The Lair"
Gretchen Lewis
"Amor Fati" (2016)
oil on wood
19 x 17.5" x 15 x 22"
$500.00 USD
Naoto Hattori
"Immortal" (2016)
acrylic on board
4 x 5.5" framed to 6 x 7"
$1,100.00 USD

pictured without frame
Paul Romano
"Tributes and Oblivions" (2016)
acrylic and oil on canvas
24 x 36"
$3,250.00 USD

pictured without frame
Bruce Parker
"More Eye Contact" (2016)
acrylic & ink on wood
11 x 12"
$350.00 USD
Buddy Nestor
"Rorschach #1" (2016)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 30"
$200.00 USD
Rachael Bridge
"Untitled" (2016)
graphite on paper
11 x 14"
$350.00 USD
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