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group exhibition

May 24th - June 16th, 2024

Opening Reception: First Friday, June 7th from 5-9pm

Arch Enemy Arts presents BRINGS MAY FLOWERS II, a group exhibition of new work by thirty-one artists for a total of thirty-five original pieces–a stunner of a show celebrating the season that blooms and all it represents. 


Included are extraordinary pieces by some of our longest-exhibiting artists like Maria Teicher, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Jessica Dalva, and Jeremy Hush. Equally exciting, we’ve added several new names to the roster–Justin Lovato, Caroline Dewison and Isobelle Ouzman, with every one bringing a fresh perspective to our theme. 


Juliet Schreckinger, for instance, illustrates BRINGS MAY FLOWERS II as a hopeful proverb of safe passage; Christina Mrozik depicts the beauty of spring as hardened protection, while Hannah Jeaun and Alex Kuno evoke something darker. The show as a whole feels like a deep meditation on that which is transitory, with beauty standing-in as patience in the face of adversity. BRINGS MAY FLOWERS II is hope (or longing) for growth from decay. 

BRINGS MAY FLOWERS II will be on view from May 24th - June 16th, 2024
Sold works will begin to
ship the week starting June 23rd, unless other rush arrangements have been made.

Payment plan options are available on most works.

All items marked with a red dot have been sold. 



group exhibition

May 6th - 28th 2022

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to present our newest group exhibition, BRINGS MAY FLOWERS. 

For this new exhibition we invited a beautiful bouquet of 26 artists to create new work inspired by the beauty of Spring's new blooms.

Pink, small, and punctual,
Aromatic, low,
Covert in April,
Candid in May, 

Dear to the moss,
Known by the knoll,
Next to the robin
In every human soul. 

Bold little beauty,
Bedecked with thee,
Nature forswears

May-flower, by Emily Dickinson

BRINGS MAY FLOWERS will feature new work from: 

 Alex Garant, Alex Sugar, Andrew K. Currey, Bam Maslar, Colin Frangicetto, Czr Prz, Darla Jackson, David Natale, Frank Gonzales, Hallie Packard, Iain Macarthhur, Jessica Dalva, kEda Gomes, Lihao Lu, Lori Nelson, Maria Teicher, Marta Witkiewicz, Maryann Held, Michael Koehler, Michele Melcher, Nom Kinnear King, Olivia Rose, Paul Romano, Sean Hannaway, SV Williams, and Vasilisa Romanenko 

Payment plan options are available on most works.

All items marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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