This Is How It Is Now

February 5th, 2021

Arch Enemy Arts is thrilled to present This Is How It Is Now, a six-piece solo feature by Michigan-based artist Rae Klein. Ever since exhibiting Klein’s work in our 2020 Artist Showcase, we’ve been counting the days to her first solo feature. Now that it’s here, we could not be more pleased with the result. 


Part of our anticipation was that Klein’s work is quite different for us; Klein explores the full spectrum of what paint can do. From sweeping, expressive strokes to tightly rendered details, Klein masterfully integrates disparate techniques into beautifully cohesive compositions. Her work sets a mood that is jarring yet intimate, romantic yet grotesque. She pulls us in and pushes us away, forcing us to traverse a “boundary,” the very thing the artist has set out to depict. 


Klein writes, “[In this series] I am trying to boil down and describe what it feels like when one realizes something is wrong…I am looking for the boundary where safety and fear lies. I paint control slipping through my subject’s fingers and pooling in offsetting signs around the image.” Forms appear in- and out-of-focus as the subject/artist/viewer comes to accept the surreal for the real, possibly resigning to the thought: This Is How It Is Now.

This is Rae Klein's first feature collection with AEA. It will be on view from February 5th - February 26th, 2021.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of March 8th, 2021. 

Private viewing appointments are available Monday - Friday by emailing info@archenemyarts.com to schedule. 


items marked with a red dot have been sold

Rae Klein
"Take Human Form / Walk Into The Sea" (2020)
oil on canvas mounted to panel
22" x 24" framed to 23" x 25"
$1650 USD
Rae Klein
"Something Could Happen" (2020)
oil on canvas panel
7" x 9"
$250 USD
Rae Klein
"Postcard from the pandemic" (2020)
oil on postcard
5" x 7"
Rae Klein
"The House is Burning Down" (2020)
oil on panel
20" x 20" framed to 21" x 21"
$1200 USD
Rae Klein
"Two Gems and A Red Light" (2019)
oil on panel
20" x 24" framed to 22" x 26"
$1950 USD
Rae Klein
"Get As Close As I Can Get" (2019)
oil on panel
20 x 24" framed to 22 x 26"
$1950 USD
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