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Mary O'Malley: A Seat At The Table

November 2nd - 24th, 2018

solo show

Arch Enemy is excited to present: A Seat at the Table, the largest AEA exclusive collection to-date from Long Island-based ceramicist Mary O’Malley.

The full room installation includes a full dinner service, "Service à la Française” (served in the French style with all courses on the table at once) and based on the particularly over-the-top Louis XV-era dining selection of individual works, each following in the direction of her Bottom Feeder series, porcelain teapots, cups, plates, vases, and other items, each delicately adorned with barnacles, tentacles, and porcelain crustaceans, seemingly lifted with enormous care from wreckage at the floor of the sea.

Mary O'Malley is an American born ceramic artist currently working and residing in Long Island, New York and London, England. A 2016 graduate from the Royal College of Art Ceramics and Glass MA program, A Seat at the Table showcases Mary’s current draw to seventeenth to nineteenth century European porcelain and applied art, relics from a time of mass global cultural exchange. With the current global conversation regarding immigration, Mary explores the juxtaposition between the past's celebration of the exotic and today's closed borders and xenophobic hate speak. In creating contemporary decorative objects, she explores subversively and through allegory, narratives which discuss the banal essence of pretty things, and the heavy historical contexts from which they originate.

Email to inquire about availability.

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