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Gravitational Sensations

group show

release date: Friday, August 7th 2020

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to present Gravitational Sensations, a new group show focused the concepts and imagery surrounding gravity (or lack there of), its effects, our interactions with it, and the figurative relationship it has to our different human emotions. When thinking of the many ways gravity can physically effect our bodies, we can imagine floating, or flying, sinking, and soaring. Likewise, those same gravitational effects can apply to the sensations of our emotions: love and euphoria can feel like floating on air, depression can feel like sinking or drowning, and pressured situations can feel like a literal heavy weight. Given that almost everyone around the world right now has been experiencing a wide range of emotions daily, we thought these gravitational sensations could be a relevant and appealing theme to explore. The results are a collection of beautiful new works from a mix of familiar names, and some new ones. 

Gravitational Sensations features new work from Alex Eckman-Lawn, Bayo, Brian Mashburn, Danielle Schlunegger Warner, Daria Theodora, Emily White, Erich J Moffitt, Jesus Aguado, Joe Vollan, Jon Bobby Benjamin, Kristen Egan, Nana Williams, Olivia Rose, Richard Ahnert, Sarah Cannon, Shannon Taylor, Tronvs, and Vasilisa Romanenko

all works marked with a red dot are sold

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