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solo exhibition

May 24th - June 16th, 2024

Opening Reception: First Friday, June 7th from 5-9pm

Arch Enemy Arts presents DEVOTIONS, an exhibition of landscapes by Micah Ofstedahl; six gorgeously framed hyperrealistic paintings of translucent tunnels rendered atop idyllic countryscapes. Bending light and form, Ofstedahl paints glass-like shapes that warp the landscape in connective threads, pulling through and upwards like passageways through space and time. For Ofstedahl, the show references  “a ‘devotion’ to the art, to the landscapes, and to nature.” 


“Starting with the cathedral-shaped canvases, I found myself sticking with a more spiritual feeling to the work–not religious, but just a hint of spirituality. So with the individual painting titles and the show title, I chose words that can be used in a spiritual or religious context.”


In pieces like “Reverence,” “Pastoral,” and “A Part of Everything,” Ofstedahl pivots from panoramic, horizontal landscapes to round-top, vertical canvases that often center on a single tree or ray of light. This compositional move transforms the painted land into portraits of secular worship, while fast-moving energy beams invoke a will-like quality on the environment. Imbued with divine energy, DEVOTIONS speaks to the empowerment of nature, its immanent consciousness and immaculate creation made visible. 


Micah Ofstedahl is based in Oregon and studied sculpture and ceramics at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Arch Enemy Arts began showing Ofstedahl’s work in our 2020 Spotlight Showcase, and his work subsequently earned “Best in Show” at the Surreal Salon 15 in 2023. DEVOTIONS is his second solo feature with the gallery. 

DEVOTIONS will be on view from May 24th - June 16th, 2024
Sold works will begin to
ship the week starting June 23rd unless other rush arrangements have been made.

Payment plan options are available on most works.

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