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Put Your Ears Up To My Mouth And You Can Hear Them Singing_ Mizeres copy.jpg

Kit Mizeres


Kit Mizeres is an American artist and illustrator living on the road abroad. Her compositions are maximalist entanglements of cultural references, occult symbols, and personal folklore that cite the richness her nomadic lifestyle provides. Mizeres’ technical skill is flawless as she tightly renders brightly colored dreamscapes that grip the eye as well as the mind.  


Mizeres is originally from Ohio and graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration. She has been exhibiting with Arch Enemy Arts since 2017, participating in several group shows as well as three solo features.


  • "What if I Don’t Want to Take the Higher Ground?” (July 2020)

  • “Farewell Transmission” (June 2018)

  • “Holy Water” (September 2017)

Catalog of works. 

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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