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Alexis Trice


Painter and embroidery artist Alexis Trice articulates complex, emotional narratives through gorgeously rendered animals in atmospheric settings. Her style is refined and intricate, often utilizing earthy hues to create a characteristic mood. Inspired by the natural world and unsettled by mankind’s interference, Trice uses painting to connect human experiences with nature’s fragility and grace so that viewers may consider their own environmental impact. 


Born and raised in New York City, Trice studied Illustration at The School of VIsual Arts, and she has exhibited her work across the United States and in Australia. In addition to painting, she volunteers at the American Museum of Natural History and assists in biology field work in the Amazon. After submitting to Arch Enemy Art’s 2022 Spotlight Showcase, Trice’s consistently beautiful work has become an exhibition staple with the gallery, and we look forward to celebrating her first solo feature in 2024. 


Catalog of works.

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. Payment plans are available.

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