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2019 Open Call Showcase
group exhibition

Opening: February 1st - 23rd, 2019

Arch Enemy announces our 2019 showcase, highlighting works by 19 artists chosen from our annual Open Call. The exhibition will feature selected works by Anthony Solano, Arthur Haywood, D.W. Marino, Danielle Schlunegger, Elizabeth Bergeland, Euginia Shchukina, Grant Gilsdorf, Juan M. Sanabria, Kyle Bryant, Leegan Koo, Michael Camarra, Michael Weaver, Sapphire Trickett, Shannon Taylor, Svetlana Shigroff, Valeriya Volkova, Wiser Oner, and Zachary Sarvis. Nearly all of whom will be showing with Arch Enemy for the first time. 

click here to email ARCHENEMYARTS@GMAIL.COM with any purchase inquires

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