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Shannon Taylor


solo exhibition

Opening April 21st, 2023


Arch Enemy Arts presents MOON IN MY POCKET by Shannon Taylor, and it's one of our most unique solo features to date. Ten antique compacts and one precious music box open to reveal enchanting microcosms of whimsical beauty, tenderly painted in watercolor then carefully hand-cut and collaged by the artist.

Holding these tiny troves of treasure, one fills with a sense of wonder and anticipation while unlocking each delicate clasp to uncover a miniature masterpiece within. Mermaids and mushrooms bathed in moonlight tenderly signal the artist’s hand and feel like precious keepsakes from beloved childhood dreams. “These dioramas are tiny portals to magical worlds, which you can literally keep in your pocket, like a secret fantasy land you can keep with you wherever you go.”

Mandatory escape has in fact been the artist’s reality for many months, which Taylor explains was a driving force for this series: “My studio flooded in the huge New Year’s Eve storm that hit Northern California, and the following three months were a time of great stress as more atmospheric rivers rolled into the state...I started making these dioramas as a way to merge a need for escape with a need for control.”

Shannon Taylor received her MA from University of the Arts London, Camberwell, and she is now the Assistant Department Chair of Illustration at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, her BFA alma mater. Taylor has shown in more than twenty group exhibitions with Arch Enemy Arts since submitting to our 2018 Spotlight Showcase. MOON IN MY POCKET is her second solo feature with the gallery.

To read more about the series in Taylor’s own words, you can find AEA’s exclusive e-interview with the artist HERE.

- written by Candice Musher 

Shannon Taylor's MOON IN MY POCKET exhibition will be on view from April 21st - May 14th, 2023
Sold works will begin to ship the week after the close of the exhibition, unless other arrangements have been made.


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