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solo exhibition

February 2nd - 25th, 2024

Opening Reception: Friday, February 2nd from 5pm - 9pm

Arch Enemy Arts presents APPETITE, nine intimate new paintings by Dutch artist Dewi (day-vee) Plass. In this series, Plass captures characters she’s visited before–cheetahs, bunnies, birds, bees and foxes–now freshly staged as still lifes of delicious reverie.


“APPETITE is about the space between want and need when one is immersed in a world of abundance and splendor,” Dewi writes. “I like to think of my work as an artistic exploration of unknown worlds in which animals take center stage, inviting the viewer to defamiliarize elements of life as they know it and open it up to new interpretations and meanings.”

Rebelling against restraint and relishing in (cue the children from Oliver!) “Food, Glorious Food,” these pieces run both sides of the food-relationship-spectrum. From a glorious yawn of satisfaction in “Midnight Snack” to eyes that plead “don’t judge me” in “Thirst,” Plass is a master at transferring complex human emotions (or in this case, animalistic desires) onto wildly beautiful atmospheric animal portraits. With each decadent bite, Dewi’s creatures sink deeper into her sfumato haze of culinary excess, communicating both solace and caution in the pure bliss of indulgence. 

Dewi Plass is a self-taught painter from The Netherlands. APPETITE is her sixth solo exhibition with Arch Enemy Arts and follows five *sold out* features with the gallery since 2017.

APPETITE will be on view from February 2nd - 25th, 2024
Sold works will begin to ship the week st
arting March 6th, unless other rush arrangements have been made.

Payment plan options are available on most works.

All items marked with a red dot have been sold. 

Gallery Of Images
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