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Thomas Ascott


Thomas Ascott creates intricate fantasies set in the forested scenes of the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, where the artist was raised. His intimately scaled yet gorgeously rendered drawings and paintings depict creepy-cute characters at work and at play. Mischievous and serene, Ascott’s work reminds us of a time when the simplest things in life were the most beautiful. 


A self-taught painter, illustrator, and graphic designer, Ascott exhibits his work internationally. His artwork has been featured in Beautiful Bizarre and Hi-Fructose magazines and widely published. Ascott has shown with Arch Enemy Arts since 2017 and will celebrate his sixth solo feature with the gallery in 2025.


  • UPCOMING (May 2025)

  • FRIENDS OF THE FOREST (November 2023)

  • “Small Dreams” (May 2022)

  • “Side Trails” (May 2021)

  • “Secondary Forest” (May 2019)

  • “The Astral Woods” (May 2018)

Catalog of works. 

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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