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Fading Away (white tulips) - side2.jpg

Rebecca Reeves


Mixed media artist Rebecca Reeves creates intricate, shimmering sculptural arrangements that focus on grief and loss. Developing her unique and highly technical craft through years of studying Victorian mourning objects, Reeves sees her work as a preservation of the niche antique art of handmade funeral objects. Her macabre works are dramatic, reverent, and meticulous, provoking peace and inward contemplation regarding life after death. 


Reeves holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from The Art Institute of Chicago. She exhibits her work across the country and often in collaboration with other artists. Reeves has been showing with Arch Enemy Arts since submitting to our 2018 Spotlight Showcase, appearing in more than ten group shows as well as two solo features with the gallery. 

Catalog of works.

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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