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September 23rd, 2022

Arch Enemy Arts is pleased to present THE GARDEN OF HEMERA, a fresh solo feature of Arizona-based mixed media artist, Xhanthi. Debuting a series of 6 pieces that she describes as “sculptural cameos,” the works depict soft, porcelain-like faces, and features surrounded by carefully modeled white roses.


Focusing on texture and shape with inspiration garnered from Hellenistic sculpture, Xhanthi’s Garden is equal parts mystical and superb. Her proficient ability to model subtle, yet expressive faces met in contrast with the jagged petals of her representational flowers is something of pictorial beauty. More than just intricate forms, the facial elements are painted in pinky flesh– a breath of life peering out from their stone-like settings. The spirits of Dreams, Rumor, Deceit, and even The Fates present themselves in this elegant display of Xhanthi’s imaginative ability.


Comparing her 2021 series to the works now debuted in The Garden, the artist writes:


“My last collection, Biophilia, was very earthy with lots of warm painted landscapes, these new pieces are far more about shape and form, the drama comes from the textural composition rather than the painting. Nature is still a big part of this collection, but this time it’s presented in clinical white shapes and as organic cowls for my fantastical denizens.”


THE GARDEN OF HEMERA is Xhanthi’s third feature with Arch Enemy Arts following 2021’s Biophilia, and 2020's Chrysalis.

-- writeup by Alexander Medlin II

Xhanthi's THE GARDEN OF HEMERA will be physically on view from September 23rd - October 16th, 2022.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of October 24th unless other rush shipping arrangements have been made.

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