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October 16th, 2020

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to announce the debut of Chrysalis, our first mini feature collection from sculpture artist Xhanthi. 

Xhanthi is an internationally exhibited Australian-born mixed media artist based in Texas. Entirely self taught, Xhanthi's unique process mixes Zbrush and Apoxie clay to create her mini portrait sculptures, making each one a rendering and reflection of her own personal emotions.


2020 has been a rough year, no doubt, but Xhanthi took an optimistic approach and decided to look through a hopeful lens to use this time of change as major inspiration for her Chrysalis series. In hopes that people will emerge changed and transformed on the other side of this chaotic year, Xhanthi used butterflies in each piece to symbolically represent that metamorphic process.


When asked about which piece she connected with most, Xhanthi explains, "'Awakening' is without a doubt my favourite. She’s so vibrant and rich, her expression peaceful and knowing. I enjoy the contrast of her vicious red against the bursting cowl of white butterflies, she’s alive with a new found determination and wisdom, through hardship she’s found a way to be at peace with who she’s become."

Though the color choices are sinister and almost foreboding, the subtle emotions in the girls' expressions read calm and content, a juxtaposition of moods that seems as synonymous and unpredictable as this entire year as a whole.

This is Xhanthi's first mini feature collection with AEA. It will be on view from October 16th - November 13th, 2020.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of November 16th. 

Private viewing appointments are available by emailing to schedule. 

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