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April 16th, 2021

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to present BIOPHILIA, the second AEA exclusive collection from Australian born, Texas based artist, Xhanthi.

In a world where doom-scrolling is the new norm and our personal anxieties are on the rise, through her landscape paintings (a departure from her typical work) Xhanthi offers the antidote for our day to day depressions, Mother Nature. Since human's complex relationship with nature often highlights the contrast between modern convenience and the natural world, Xhanthi aims to remind us of the importance of nature in our every day lives, both in an environmental sense, and also for our own mental wellness. When speaking on how the positive experience of nature affects her personally, Xhanthi recalls a long and winding road near to her house that twists through open fields and forested hills, making what would normally be a mundane drive into town a memorable, soul soothing event.


Through the title of this series, the word BIOPHILIA explains the idea that humans naturally posses an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and according to Xhanthi, reminds us that "Nature is not just a place around us, it is in us."

BIOPHILIA will be physically on view from April 19th - May 21st, 2021.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of May 24th unless other rush shipping arrangements have been made.

All pieces marked with a red dot have been sold.

Most pieces are eligible for payment plan options, email to inquire.

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