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solo exhibition

March 2nd - 28th, 2018

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to present Juste a Temps, the 3rd AEA Solo Collection by French artist and muralist Veks Van Hillik. The 2018 exhibition, a collection of surreal acrylic and graphite works influenced by Gustave Doré, Ingres, Caravaggio, Dali, and Breton, is driven by what has long been his primary source of inspiration, nature and its fauna and flora.

“I work primarily with animals because their forms, their colors and their diversity is much broader than the human figure. Therefore I love the idea of animals playing human characters. There is also the fact that the animals are by nature fantastic creatures and supernatural! This inevitably evokes for me the universe of dreams and the unconscious, subject to what they are particularly fond of. The most used animal is certainly the fish. I don’t really know why, but it comes back very often in my work. He is floating everywhere; in water, air, not really flying, but levitating! Since I was a child I have been a lover of fishing and I imagine that this discipline as a child has marked me.” 

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