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solo exhibition

October 20th - November 12th, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, November 3rd from 5pm - 9pm

Arch Enemy Arts presents Juliet Schreckinger’s 2023 solo exhibition: THE GHOST LIGHTS, twenty-four delicate drawings that capture twenty-two extinct maritime animals, rendered as spirits guarding great American lighthouses of the past. 


“What inspires me most of all–the protection of the creatures within our world–is the underlying theme of this series. I’m drawing a parallel between these “Lost Lights” and so many beloved animals. They are gone, permanently. Yet the ghost of these things, the memory, lives on and inspires us to do better and to protect those that are still here.” - Juliet Schreckinger 


Each of the eight “Lost Lights” depicted in the series, so-named by the United States Lighthouse Society, is relit by Schreckinger’s deft hand. Meticulously researched and represented, they provide an accurate archive of watchtowers that once were, shimmering proudly above moonlit waves, tended by creatures with glowing eyes that mirror the beam of the long-extinguished lantern flame. 


Whimsical and charming, there is a tender aching to Juliet’s work. Her carefully constructed compositions feel monumental. Gently rendered in ink and graphite, they offer an atmospheric sense of loneliness that belongs to the distant realm of endless ocean. Echoing through time, THE GHOST LIGHTS are a haunting testament to the depths of all the species we have lost. 


The artist has committed a portion of her profits from this exhibition to the United States Lighthouse Society in an effort to help preserve these lighthouses and the many species of birds, seals and other animals that call them home. 

written by Candice Musher



** Juliet has decided to donate a portion of the earnings from this exhibition to the United States Lighthouse Society. This contribution is intended to support the preservation of lighthouses as essential habitats for the various different species of birds, seals, and other wildlife call home. 

THE GHOST LIGHTS will be on view from October 20th - November 12, 2023.
Sold works will begin to ship the week starting November 19th, unless other rush arrangements have been made.

Items marked with a red dot have already been sold.

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