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solo exhibition

June 21st - August 4th, 2024

Closing Reception: First Friday, August 2nd from 5-9pm

Arch Enemy Arts presents SWEETLY LOST IN BLUE by Gerlanda di Francia, a collection of seven new paintings depicting the soft fantasy of a sapphire sea. Using precise lines cross-hatched in acrylic paint, Gerlanda renders sea nymphs and water spirits in her unique illustrative style, creating graceful compositions that capture the currents of her soul. 


“Blue is a color I love; it is related to spirituality, to calmness, to the depth of the sea, to sensitivity and mystery; all of which live in every being. [So for this series] I thought about the sea and the melancholy associated with memories, but also the sweetness that these feelings reside within us…Perhaps my message in this work is not to repress blue moments in the course of life, but to accept them and take them as small parentheses for reflection.” 


Dwelling in the depths of dwindling light, Gerlanda finds quiet, beauty, and comfort with her work. Rhythmic tonal shifts give the feel of rippling water. Pearlescent tears bubble to the surface. And schools of fish and sea stars create a tender sense of camaraderie. The tranquility in these paintings feels like friendship in hard times. Graceful and sincere, they are a beautiful contemplation of the endless ocean, a sweetly serene introspection at sea. 


Gerlanda di Francia is based in Rome, Italy where she studied painting decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts. Deeply inspired by Renaissance art and medieval painting, di Francia intentionally creates a surface texture that is smooth and dry like soft chalk, reminiscent of fresco paintings. SWEETLY LOST IN BLUE is Gerlanda’s third solo feature with Arch Enemy Arts after submitting to our Spotlight Showcase in 2021.

SWEETLY LOST IN BLUE will be on view from June 21st - August 4th, 2024
Sold works will begin to ship the week starting August 4th unless other rush arrangements have been made.

Payment plan options are available on most works.

All items marked with a red dot have been sold. 


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