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Opening Reception: Friday, November 3rd from 5pm - 9pm

Arch Enemy Arts presents the 2023 SMALL WONDERS exhibition: SW12 includes 60+ artists and over 150 original works measuring 12” or smaller at $300 or less to kick off the holiday season. 


The aim of SMALL WONDERS has always been to create an inclusive space where seasoned collectors and enthusiasts alike can add to or start their collections. For artists, it's an opportunity to experiment, to create small-scale studies, or try variations in a series. And this year’s cast does not disappoint. 


From 100taur’s extraterrestrial sculptures to Jessica Hess’ vibrant 8-bit abstractions, Beatriz Bradaschii’s moody tondos, and Kit Curry’s drawings of grace in graphite, we're totally in awe of the mastery and imagination our artists have accomplished at this scale. The sheer amount of small works on display not only highlights the incredible range of artistic styles and mediums within the lineup, but also transforms the entire installation into an awe-inspiring treasure trove of art. With the works priced so affordably, you're almost guaranteed to discover a new piece or artist that perfectly compliments any collection and every budget.

Featured Artists:


100TAUR, Adam Augustyn, Alan Brown, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Alex Garant, Alexis Marga, Alexis Savopoulos, Ally Morgan, Anaïs Lera, Audrey Montoya, Beatriz Bradaschii, Bill Ross, Briana Hertzog, Bruce Parker, Caitlin McCormack, Carisa Swenson, Catriona Secker, Dewi Plass, Emma Black, Fran De Anda, Garrett J Cook, Gerlanda di Francia, Gina Altadonna, Grelin Machin, Hallie Packard, Jesse Jacobi, Jessica Dalva, Jessica Hess, Jesús Aguado, Joe Vaux, Joey Chiarello, Jordan Kressley, Katie Gamb, Kelly Vivanco, Kit Curry, Kseniia Boko, Lihao Lu, M.K. Komins, Maria Teicher, Mary Esther Munoz, Maryann Held, Matt Linares, Matt Ritchie, Meredith Jackson, Michael Camarra, Michael Campbell, Michael Koehler, Miriam Frank, Morgan Booth, Rebecca Reeves, Sarah B. Peters, Sean Patrick Hannaway, Shailinn Messer, Shelby Clark, Steve Cleff, Ten Yetman, Tyler Mitchell, Vasilisa Romanenko, Veronica Jaeger, and Xhanthi.


SMALL WONDERS 12 will be on display exclusively during the opening weekend from November 3rd - 5th.

Following opening weekend, all sold works that are being picked up can be made available starting Saturday, November 11th. Sold works that are being shipped will begin to be packed and sent starting Monday, November 13th.

All remaining available works will be on display through the end of the month.

available works from PAST SMALL WONDERS

email with any purchase inquiries

sold works are marked with a red dot

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