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solo exhibition

Opening February 3rd, 2023

Arch Enemy Arts is pleased to present: WAX & WANE, a solo feature highlighting debut works by Brian Serway. A collection of 7 mixed media paintings, the series depicts an array of mystic woodland creatures captured in the Tennessee artist’s distinctive and haunting style.


Seeking to convey “a deeper dedication to methodology and mood– the never ending cycle of time, life, death, decay, and regrowth,” Brian’s ghostly fauna are as alluring as they are formidable. Furry, feathered, and foreboding, his entities stare with glassy and hollowed eyes, uncanny smiles, and intentions unknown. Yet, conjured within the intimidating void of their surroundings, galaxies hang suspended within their forms, as glints of gold and silver interrupt the eerie stillness. Shadowy and dreamlike, the substance of these works is given life through technique as much as it is Serway’s lunar inspiration. Throughout the body of work, Brian’s hallmark of stark and punchy contrast is thoughtfully activated with delicate and decisive rendering– modeling near-palpable textures in water-soluble graphite. Heavily stylized, the use of gesture and mark is ever present, while the subjects remain believable and whole, a true success of the self-taught artist’s developed ability.


Wax & Wane is Brian Serway’s second solo feature with AEA, following 2020’s Hauntology and inclusion in numerous group shows.

Brian Serway's WAX & WANE exhibition will be on view from February 3rd - 26th, 2023.
Sold works will begin to ship the week following the close of the exhibition, unless other arrangements have been made.

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