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Robert Kraiza // GREY GRIMOIRE

solo • November 4th - 23rd, 2016

ARCH ENEMY ARTS announces the opening of Robery Kraiza’s new solo exhibition, Grey Grimoire, a new collection focusing on Victorian witches and their familiars. His very first solo exhibition to contain sculpture in addition to watercolors, and works on paper, Grey Grimoire explores  a secret world that requests you leave your normal lives  behind and retreat into the woods and deep into a world of Victorian occultism. Mourning themes, crystals and hares, enchanted potions, and Trix Alba, this exploration into the symbology and history of 19th century witchcraft in 3 mediums makes for Robert’s most diverse collection to date. Grey Grimoire opens in Philadelphia on Nov. 4th.


For purchasing information and availability, contact or call 215.717.7774

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