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Opening: December 6th, 2019

After nearly 7 years of knowing and working with her through various group shows, Arch Enemy Arts is proud to finally debut IN LIMBO, our first exclusive feature with local oil painter Rachael Bridge.


Bridge can be considered a master of the macabre, an artist who's portraits embody terrors of the human mind drawing on the viewers's proclivity for fear, and masterfully using rendering to pull us into her dark and symbolic world. At first glance, Rachael Bridge’s work feels almost sinister. Her depictions of women are corpse-like and otherworldly. One might try to minimize her work as categorically genre-based but on the contrary, Bridge uses horror to depict complexities of the human psyche. The long-view of her work rewards us with themes of anxiety, isolation, seduction, and despair. She uses a steep, angular perspective that unsettles the viewer into claustrophobic isolation—perhaps the very anxiety being depicted. A local artist, Bridge obtained her BFA in 2010 from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

Paired with Brian Mashburn's feature also debuting this month, it is exciting to have the opportunity to exhibit two bodies of work that are so distinct, yet call to mind so many comparisons. We keep coming back to the ghosts in their work. Each time, we find something new. In a way, paintings by Bridge and Mashburn become reliquaries. They are vessels for the spirits that endure, haunting our worlds and lingering in our minds.

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