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The prisma collective / achromatic

solo feature

August 4th - 29th, 2017

For our 2017 group exhibition The PRISMA Collective is excited to return to Arch Enemy Arts this August with their new show “Achromatic”, premiering new works by Alex Louisa - Audrey Pongracz - Caitlin Hackett - Daria Hlazatova - Edith Lebeau - Erika Sanada - Gosia - Kaspian Shore - Kelly McKernan - Kelly Vivanco - Ling Ly - Nicole Gustafsson - Nom Kinnear King - Rod Luff - and Sarah Joncas

For this year’s theme, each artist created a piece without color, only able to use black and white and shades of gray for a new collection that is powerful in its simplicity. PRISMA founder Kaspian Shore describes the theme for our 2017 exhibition:

“Achromatic” literally means “free of colour” and is used as a synonym for "black and white". With this theme, the artists explore various shades of grey, black and white, and neutral tones that make their subjects appear both more simplified and yet more straightforward. “

PRISMA is an international artist collective founded by Kaspian Shore in 2011, featuring an eclectic roster of painters, illustrators, and sculptors from all around the world.” 

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