Periodic Table II
group show

Showing: August 2nd - 31st, 2019

Arch Enemy’s elements-themed group show returns for a second installment, challenging 12 new AEA artists to each create a moment or tell a story using only one of nature’s most basic building blocks. Through each artist’s style and creativity every choice is more than what it seems, less ordinary and more extraordinary, like Iridium, a crucial component in the building of satellites, as a symbol of communication and connectedness, or the unexpectedly close relationship between cobalt and goblins.

The show will feature new works by Allison Reimold, Carly Janine Mazur, Jack Shure, Joe Vollan, Kelly McKernan, Kristen Egan, Michael Camarra, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Nick Sheehy, Rebecca Reeves, Rebecca Yanovskaya, & Tronvs.

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Carly Janine Mazur
"Iridium" (2019)
oil, acrylic, and holo paint on board
22 x 27.5" framed to 27 x 33"
$1640 USD
Michael Camarra
"Two Thirty Nine" (2019)
acrylic on wood panel
16" dia.
$700 USD
Nick Sheehy
"The Calcium Thief" (2019)
acrylic and paper on mounted panel, varnished
8 x 8"
$500 USD
Rebecca Reeves
"Anguish" (2019)
Victorian tintype, hand beaded flowers, pocelain doll head, thread
h18" x w15" x d4"
$1000 USD
Kristen Egan
"Toxic Fox" (2019)
gourd, wood, acrylics and metal leaf
h12 x w4 x d4"
$500 USD
Jack Shure
"The Tale of Old Drifter (in Cobalt)" (2019)
oil on canvas
40 x 30"
$6000 USD
Rebecca Yanovskaya
24k gold leaf, acrylic, ballpoint pen
11 x 14" framed to 17 x 20"
$2100 USD
"The Pit of Tartarus" (2019)
ink on paper
20.5 x 29" framed to 26 x 33"
$3200 USD
Allison Reimold
"Magnesium" (2019)
acrylic on panel
8 x 8"
$500 USD
Kelly McKernan
"Amophous" (2019)
watercolor & acryla gouache on panel
8 x 14"
$600 USD
Joe Vollan
"Above The Earth and Heavens" (2019)
oil on birch panel
8 x 14" framed to 10.25 x 16.25"
$800 USD
Michelle Avery Konczyk
"Lithium" (2019)
watercolor on paper mounted to hand cut wood, varnished
approx. 9 x 9"
$550 USD
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