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michael camarra


solo exhibition

Opening August 6th, 2021

Arch Enemy Arts is pleased to announce “Epoch,” a beautiful new series of eleven paintings by New York based artist Michael Camarra. We love Camarra for his ethereal, Neo-futurism-meets-fashion work, but in this show, he presents us with an added depth of meaning, growth that’s been thrilling to watch unfold.


In “Epoch,” Camarra takes familiar tropes of Neo-futurism in new directions, enmeshing today’s technology with yesterday’s mysticism to create a post-apocalyptic tomorrow. In this world, war-torn highways are spiritual shrines and shattered iPhones adorn an oracle’s crown. With this move, Camarra turns the idea of cultural appropriation on its head. If, in our world, we sacrilege icons by making them mundane, in “Epoch,” the mundane is misappropriated as sacred. What’s more, Camarra paints this deep irony without cynicism. His palette is calm and soothing. His compositions instill reverence for the figures who worship the objects we’ve ruined. In all, Camarra has created a world we want to enter, perhaps the one we’ll go to after our’s is gone.


The artist writes, “This show is a kind of post-apocalyptic garden of eden. We’re living in really volatile times…My art has always been a bit of an escape so…I’m trying to create something mystical and beautiful out of this collective sense of dread a lot of us are feeling right now.”

- written by Candice Lee Smith

FAMILIAR will be physically on view from August 6th - August 28th, 2021.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of September 6th unless other rush shipping arrangements have been made.

All pieces marked with a red dot have been sold.

Most pieces are eligible for payment plan options, email to inquire.

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all items marked with a red dot have been sold

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