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mecro • MMXX

solo exhibition

December 18th, 2020

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to present MMXX an eleven-piece solo feature and mural installation by MECRO aka Glossblack, greater-Philadelphia graffiti artist, muralist, freight-writer, and typographer whose large-scale public works have become part of the fabric of Philly over the past ten years. 


As a contemporary artist, MECRO uses the gallery space to explore the formal tradition of graffiti. He experiments with medium, scale, color, and texture in ways that expand the bounds of an integral part of the urban landscape:


“[For this show] I focused on a more minimalistic approach to make the paint swipe the focal point of the piece. Four of the pieces present freight train logos, with a simple white swipe interacting with those designs. Somewhat of a nod to the seemingly natural yet juxtaposed composition of freight graffiti on branded rail cars.” - MECRO


This is the second time that MECRO has made an immersive exhibition out of our gallery walls, but it is the first time he has transformed the entire space, setting an explosive backdrop to this dynamic series. Bright, bold shapes swirl across the walls creating a layered interplay of shape and color that offers surprising ways to see the work in context. The layered effect is reminiscent of saturated graffiti surfaces that have been tagged and re-tagged, painted over and tagged again. MECRO puts his own spin on this of course, adding the technical precision and carefully constructed compositions that are so uniquely his own. We hope you have the opportunity to make an appointment to see this work in person as it is truly one of the most exciting installations we’ve shown to date. 

Mecro's 'MMXX' will be on view from December 18th, 2020 - January 15th, 2021.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of January 18th. 

Private viewing appointments are available by emailing to schedule. 

items marked with a red dot are sold




limited edition of 30 / unframed

17" x 22" • printed on Epson Hot Press 330gsm paper 

signed and embossed

$65 USD each




limited edition of 30 / unframed

22" x 22" • printed on Epson Hot Press 330gsm paper 

signed and embossed

$75 USD each



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