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solo show

Opening: July 12th, 2019

“I’m realizing that although letters are the foundation of my work, at times I tend to lean towards placing them in a more natural state, rather than rigid and in line. I relate a lot of these pieces to being out in the elements and nature, residing on the ground or water, or even floating in space.” - MECRO

For his first Arch Enemy exclusive collection, MECRO aka Gloss Black elevates his instantly recognizable aerosol and oil paint work and dynamic lettering styles to new levels with Verdigris.

This new body of work focuses on organic shapes found in nature and metallic patina/weathering, expressed in letters. Some pieces focus on ice forms, corals, barnacles, rusted steal, etc. This show is a more calming approach at studying letters and letter form, rather than big bold, vibrant lettering that we see everyday in signage.

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