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Maryann held

Phase / Change


January 22nd, 2021

Arch Enemy Arts is pleased to present Maryann Held’s “Phase/Change,” a nine-piece series of acrylic paintings installed in antique frames and cases, painted with remarkable technique and clarity. Though Held’s work immediately evokes a sense of tradition—she is inspired by folk art from the Pennsylvania Dutch as well as illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages—it also asserts a break with tradition. Patterns and symmetry are disrupted, the imagery Held explores is surreal and contemporary, and she pairs flat, graphic symbols with images that are deeply rendered and lifelike. Held writes, “Originally this [series] was meant to be about a change in myself and my artwork, mirrored in the way things change in life and in nature. However, now more than ever it is clear how vital change is, whether we are ready to have it head on or not.” That moment of change and transformation is clear in this work, as each piece carries with it both a sense of the past and a strong hold in the future. 


Maryann Held is a Philadelphia-based artist. Held became a staple in many of our recent group shows, but this is her debut feature with Arch Enemy Arts.

'Phase/Change' will be on view from January 22nd - February 12, 2021.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of February 15th. 

Private viewing appointments are available by emailing to schedule. 


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