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Mab Graves • Atomic Candy Cosmonauts

group exhibition • April 1st - 30th, 2016

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to present: Atomic Candy Cosmonauts, the brand new solo exhibition from renowned contemporary pop-surrealist artist and illustrator Mab Graves.


“I have always had a deep passion for Science and all things 60’s Retro Space - so I’knew that I wanted to paint an Astro Girl series one day. When I started the initial planning for my Atomic Candy Cosmonauts I decided that instead of painting my own versions of classic pulp kitsch, I would do a blending of real Science with nostalgic Sci Fi elements. I brought along some of my core characters like Farrah the pink fur girl and the crabby Caturn kitties as well as a brand new cast of Waifs and Petulant Planets for this adventure. I hope you enjoy the result – welcome to my Atomic Candy Cosmonauts!” - Mab Graves

The new collection includes nearly 30 new original works, many of which bring back familiar faces and beloved characters from Mab’s ever-expanding universe as they set off on galactic adventures to seek out new and unique kingdoms of life and discover the secrets of the cosmos. 



For purchasing information and availability, contact or call 215.717.7774

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