Jason Limon


mini feature

March 5th, 2021

Arch Enemy Arts presents “Torn,” a five-piece solo feature by San Antonio-based artist, Jason Limon, who characterizes his paintings as “puzzles with typography.” When we look at Limon’s work, the scale, technical mastery, and detail of each piece forces us to lean in, inches away from the panel, to try to piece together whatever hidden phrase he’s obscured within his maze of muted tones. We always get lost and have to retrace our steps, moving letters and words around until finally (score!), we see what we’ve been missing. Smiling skeletons and paper puppets act as merry pranksters, taking part in a perversely enjoyable undertaking—to “read” Limon’s work.


Limon explains that one of the strangest places he gets inspiration from is his childhood. “As a kid I used to like product packaging…I would collect the smaller packages and bottles, especially candy packages.” In his bio he writes, “Within the elements that surround us every day are bits of someone else—a record of thoughts made up of color, typography and symbols marked onto paper and metal to represent products throughout time.” That idea of a shared experience of material and language carries through to how we view Limon’s work—as active participants, able to shape and play with what his paintings have to say.


Jason Limon was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and has been showing in galleries around the world since 2007. Limon has been in numerous group shows with Arch Enemy Arts, but this is his first solo feature. 

- writeup by Candice Lee Smith 


TORN will be physically on view from March 8th - March 26th, 2021.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of April 5th unless other rush shipping arrangements have been made.

All pieces marked with a red dot have been sold.

Most pieces are eligible for payment plan options, email to inquire.

Jason Limon
"Memento" (2021)
acrylic on panel
14" x 18"
$3000 USD
Jason Limon
"Good Luck" (2021)
acrylic on joined panels
8" x 14"
$1400 USD
Jason Limon
"Gimme" (2021)
acrylic on panel
11" x 14"
$1800 USD
Jason Limon
"Circulatory" (2021)
acrylic on panel
12" x 24"
$3200 USD
Jason Limon
"Torn" (2021)
acrylic on joined panels
24" x 16"
$5000 USD
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Jason Limon

"Memento" (2021) acrylic on panel 14" x 18" $3000 USD