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Kelly McKernan // Anamnesis
solo show

August 3rd - 25th, 2018

Arch Enemy is thrilled to present Anamnesis, the second AEA solo exhibition from Nashville-based artist and illustrator Kelly McKernan. At its center, Kelly work orbits two forces: a woman, and a world, with her newest collection reaching outward from this core in a series of intimate explorations of self awareness, loss, transition, and empowerment. 

From Kelly’s point of view, Anamnesis is not only her newest body of work, but her most honest, and deeply rooted in her own personal experiences

“Plato's definition of "Anamnesis" encompasses the spirit of this series: that humans possess innate knowledge that is rediscovered through learning from personal experiences. These works are a culmination of the wisdom I've gained within the last two years since leaving a cult religion, divorcing my husband with whom I had a 2 year old daughter, and experiencing turbulent, but necessary change powered by instinct and lead by intuition. I've gained the language since these events to create this series in order to continue the process of healing, understanding, and discovering human truths via visual form“

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