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release date: Friday, August 7th 2020

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to announce the release of Tea Party, a brand new series of 8 graphite drawings from Philadelphia-based painter and tattoo artist, Julianna Menna. When discussing the theme of the new work, Julianna described the series as a social gathering for her characters to share space and discuss their unique stories over a ceremonial cup of tea.

"The ornamental nature of the teacups are mirrored by the baroque pomposity of their holders, each presenting one face to the world while secretly hiding another side of their souls beneath it. Accompanied by pleasantries and courtesy, each cup of tea is to meant to represent their individual participant's own understanding of the meaning of life. Each cup carries its own bouquet, its own destiny, its own secrets."

This is Julianna's second exclusive series with AEA since her 2016 debut, In The Cards.
Works will be on display from August 17th through September 4th, by appointment only.
Sold works will ship the week of September 7th.

all works marked with a red dot are sold


all works marked with a red dot are sold

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