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Opening December 9th, 2022

Arch Enemy Arts is elated to present My Duck, My Rules: an ecstatic and surreal body of work from the incomparable Jesus Aguado. This new solo feature of the Spanish artist exhibits 7 original paintings, choicely executed in acrylic on panel and paper.


Living and working out of Valladolid, ES, Aguado’s work never shies from the flamboyant and bizarre, and to this, My Duck is no exception. A porcelain-bodied eyeball creature walks hand-in-hand with a lemon, a puckering cephalopod, and a parasitic cheese connoisseur are just a few of the subjects that Aguado lets inhabit his work. And don’t let the pomp fool you– while the concepts are humorous and strange, any veneer of gimmick is lost in the exceptional skill that Jesus employs. The careful flux of light and volume through his attentive technique of acrylic glazing is equally astounding as it is sublime. In spite of their dazzling and mind-twisting content, the works feel light and digestible, a testament to the candy-coated nature of his chromatic application.


As to his process, Aguado invites the absurd and benign by creating art for art’s sake. His reason for painting is merely to paint, allowing new challenges to come to the forefront andletting the work speak for itself when completed. Succinctly summarizing his views and their relation to the series, he writes:


“The beauty of art is when the artist disappears; The work lives and expresses things eternally, cleanly, by itself.

I only paint if I create a challenge with which I can learn something. I hope to have the opportunity to learn for the rest of my life. If I created things with complete confidence in myself, there would be no drama.”


My Duck, My Rules is the first solo feature of Jesus Aguado by Arch Enemy Arts, since first being included in the Gravitational Sensations group exhibition in 2020. 

- written by Alex Medlin II

Press: Jesús Aguado + Craww @ Arch Enemy Arts by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Jesus Aguado's MY DUCK, MY RULES show will be on view from December 9th - 30th, 2022.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of January 8th, unless other arrangements have been made.





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