solo • March 3rd - April 1st, 2017


Arch Enemy Arts is excited to announce the opening of Jessica Dalva’s Dream House, an impressive new collection by the Bay Area sculptor, fabricator, and illustrator.

The new series, inspired by increased desire for escape from the turbulence of reality into the comfort of dreams and fantasy, showcases an evolution in Jessica’s presentation, with her penchant for quiet, reflective and often wall-hangable sculpture further blurring the lines between two dimensional and three dimensional works. The result is more like “three dimensional illustration”, with each framed piece allowing the viewer to gaze into a unique room drawn from real life struggles and experiences.

For Jessica sometimes the process is as much of the concept as the finished work:

“A lot of these pieces were therapeutic (as I find much of art making in general) not only in resolving thoughts for myself but in that, in order for the idea to be realized, many processes had to be repeated over and over. These steps, such as cutting out and gluing together hundreds of tiny paper leaves, became a calming and peaceful meditation, a welcome repetitive task in an overwhelmingly sad and frustrating world."

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