group show • July 8th - 28th, 2016

  Invisible Threads, a group show features 12 artists from around the globe, each telling their own story about the intangible ties that connect us to each other, and the relationships that closely connect everything else in our world. The exhibition features new works by Caitlin McCormack, Matthew Greskiewicz, Paul Romano, Heather Mclean, Lioba Brückner, Julie Filipenko, Colin Frangicetto, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Jeremy Bastian, Christina Mrozik, and Gustavo Rimada. Every piece in Invisible Threads is contained and displayed within a circle symbolizing totality and wholeness with each ‘connection’ representing a dot connected with the next, making the exhibition itself an extension of the theme, and each piece especially unique even within its artist’s own body of work. 

For purchasing information and availability, contact or call 215.717.7774

Christina Mrozik
"Anthesis" (2016)
watercolor on paper
11" circle framed to 15"
$1,200.00 USD
Heather McLean
"Pilar" (2016)
acrylic on board
14" circle
$800.00 USD
Matthew Greskiewicz
"The Engineer" (2016)
charcoal pencil on Bristol
18 x 18" framed to 26 x 26"
$950.00 USD
Julie Filipenko
"Thicker than Water"
acrylic and gold leaf on wooden panel
8" dia. framed to 16"
$1,100.00 USD
Jeremy Bastian
"An Anatomical Study of a Deer's Forelimb" (2016)
brush and ink
7" framed to 12"
$600.00 USD
Paul Romano
"Careless Whispers" (2016)
oil on paper on panel
13" dia. framed to 22" in a custom frame made by the artist
$1,300.00 USD
Rebecca Yanovskaya
"Connections" (2016)
ballpoint pen, 22k gold leaf acrylics
6 x 6" framed to 12 x 12"
$800.00 USD

email for images of the piece in its frame
Lioba Brückner
"Fata Morgana's Promises" (2016)
oil, glitter gel pen on canvas
12" circle
$700.00 USD
Lioba Brückner
"Last Remnants" (2016)
oil, glitter gel pen on canvas
6" circle
$350.00 USD
Lioba Brückner
"Eggs of the Alien Queen" (2016)
oil, glitter gel pen on canvas
6" circle
$350.00 USD
Lioba Brückner
"How Delicious!" (2016)
oil, glitter gel pen on canvas
4" circle
$190.00 USD
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