Imaginary Menagerie, Vol. 4

group show • September 2nd - October 1st, 2016


On 9/2, AEA returns with the newest edition of its highly acclaimed ‘Imaginary Menagerie’ series. For this chapter, the Arch Enemy Arts’ official guide to cryptozoology adds 13 additional artists, each using their own unique creative style to render and breathe new life into ancient legends and fabled mythological beasts.

Imaginary Menagerie first opened in April 2015, and our fourth installment brings our total number of participating artists and legendary beasts to 68 in under 18 months. The bestiary within Volume IV includes brand new works by Naoto Hattori, Jim McKenzie, Julie Filipekno, Matt Ritchie, Nick Sheehy, Daria Hlazatova, Jeremy Bastian, Veks Van Hillik, Jessica Wolfert, Scott G. Brooks, Jason Limon, Matthew Greskiewicz, and JoKa, and introduces 13 more fantastic beasts to the growing Imaginary Menagerie catalog.

For purchasing information and availability, contact or call 215.717.7774

Nick Sheehy
"The Kappa" (2016)
watercolor & graphite on paper
14 x 14" in a custom frame with museum grade non-reflective glass
$855.00 USD

Creature: Kappa
Naoto Hattori
"Anzu" (2016)
acrylic on board
9.5 x 20"
$1,200.00 USD
Jeremy Bastian
"The Cockatrice" (2016)
brush & ink
7.62 x 11" framed to 16.25 x 20.25"
$1,200.00 USD

Creature: Cockatrice
Julie Filipenko
"Forever Gabriella" (2016)
acrylic on wooden panel
9.5 x 20"
$1,800.00 USD

Creature: Vampire
Jim McKenzie
"Welcome To The Underworld" (2016)
epoxy clay, glass eyes, resin cast heads
approx. 2' tall
$9,000.00 USD

Creature: Cerebrus
Veks Van Hillik
"The Salmon of Knowledge" (2016)
5.5 x 8.5" framed to 8 x 10" in handmade frame
$430.00 USD

Creature: Salmon of Knowledge
"Anticipation of Judgement" (2016)
acrylic on canvas
18 x 24" framed to 25 x 31"
$2,555.00 USD
Jason Limon
"Omen" (2016)
acrylic on panel
9 x 12"
$800.00 USD

Creature: Mothra // Kaiju
Daria Hlaza
"Phoenix Through The Flames" (2016)
pen & ink on paper
13.5 x 17.5" in frame
$600.00 USD

Creature: Phoenix
Matthew Greskeiwicz
"Alfrid with an "I" (2016)
graphite pencil on Bristol paper
6.5 x 9.5" framed to 10.5 x 14"
$625.00 USD

Creature: Cyclops
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