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Imaginary Menagerie: Vol. III

group exhibition • April 1st - 30th, 2016

On 4/1, AEA returns with the newest edition of its highly acclaimed ‘Imaginary Menagerie’ series. The Arch Enemy Arts’ official guide to cryptozoology adds 16 additional artists, each using their own unique creative style to render and breathe new life into ancient legends and fabled mythological beasts. 

Imaginary Menagerie first opened in April 2015, and our third installment brings our total number of participating artists and legend beasts to 55 in just 12 months. Vol. III includes new works by Jeremy Hush, Audrey Pondgracz, Mimi Yoon, Chris Leib, Richard J Oliver, Robert Bowen, and more, and introduces 16 more fantastic beasts to the growing Imaginary Menagerie catalog like Japan’s Rokurokubi, a type of yokai whose necks stretch to nearly infinite lengths while they commit bad deeds and drink human blood, and the majestic Selkie, which is sort of like a werewolf, but with a seal. A were-seal. Awesome. 

The full lineup for Imaginary Menagerie Vol.III includes new and original works by Audrey Pondgracz, Blue The Vigorist, Chris Haas, Chris Leib, Gabrielle Barouche, Grace Lang, Gretchen Lewis, Jake Waldron, Jeremy Hush, Lana Crooks, Lauren YS, Michael Wohlberg, Mimi Yoon, Neil M. Perry, Richard J. Oliver, and Robert Bowen. 

And good news if you, like us, cannot get enough of this sort of thing: Arch Enemy’s ongoing effort to bring together artists from around the globe in a united effort to thoroughly document and study amazing beasts for reasons of science will continue September 2nd., with the opening of Vol.IV.


For purchasing information and availability, contact or call 215.717.7774

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