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i imagine losing you all the time...
solo exhibition

Showing: October 4th - 26th, 2019

“There’s nothing like trauma and surviving it to add a deeper perspective (to life). The duality of loss became clearer to both of us. On one hand there is the devastation of losing a partner or loved one, the void it creates (not just the reality of it but even just the thought of that loss). On the other hand, with surviving you gain clarity and can shed (lose), some of the negative things that continually recur and take up valuable thought and energy, and hold you back.” - Paul Romano

On October 4th, Arch Enemy is proud to present “I imagine losing you all the time", a new large scale collaborative exhibition by Darla Jackson and Paul Romano.

Both artists are well known for their emotional narratives; Darla through her animal sculpture, and Paul predominately as a painter and designer. ‘I imagine losing you all the time” is the culmination of several past collaborations ,as well as their independent explorations on the positives and negatives of loss, and following the couple’s confrontation with themes of loss earlier this year when Romano had a near fatal bout with his health.

The exhibition features works in a variety of media by Jackson and Romano, as well as collaborative works, including a life-size sculpture of a lioness that the couple created together. “I imagine losing you all the time” opens on Friday October 4th and runs through October 26th.

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