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solo exhibition

March 1st - 31st, 2024

Opening Reception: First Friday, March 1st from 5-9pm

Arch Enemy Arts presents FIRST NIGHT, a whimsical and captivating tableaux by Norfolk painter Nom Kinnear King. Inspired by the magic of theater and set in the English countryside, Nom invites viewers to a place where childhood imagination takes center stage, where artists and dreamers bask in the ritual of performance, and the stage transports us to another world. 

“I always lean towards nostalgia, and with this series I want viewers to remember the performances they put on as a child, the joy in dressing up and putting on a show even on a stage of just I, so they may feel peaceful and drift into their own memories of play.”

In FIRST NIGHT, Nom’s expressive brush ripples in warm and gentle tones to capture the anticipation and excitement of opening night. The musician tunes her instrument. The dancer dons her costume. Regal and alluring, the curtain draws to the open sky, and the actor takes her bow. Submerged in light and pattern, these paintings conjure the emotional gravitas of the stage; the beauty of storytelling unfolds with every stroke. Nom strikes a chord in the hearts and minds of the audience as she reminds us of our own inner play and the magic that transpires when the lights dim, the music begins, and the actors take the stage.

Based in the City of Norwich, Nom Kinnear King has been showing with Arch Enemy Arts since 2016. A staple of the gallery, her work has appeared in more than twenty group exhibitions, and FIRST NIGHT marks her fifth solo exhibition with our gallery.

FIRST NIGHT will be on view from March 1st - 31st, 2024
Sold works will begin to
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