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February 18th, 2022

Arch Enemy Arts is pleased to present the exciting solo feature Elenor’s Follies, a new body of work by UK artist Nom Kinnear King. The show debuts six original figurative works, each lushly captured in oil on panel.


Based in Norfolk, England, King studied fine art at the Norwich School of Art & Design.

Recalling the balmy months of Summer as a break from the bleakness of the colder seasons, Nom brings us a collection of characters, almost narratively, lolling in surreal fantasy amidst serene floral embellishments.


With these works, Nom has elegantly captured the gentle haze of the afternoon sun, utilizing warm hues and soft value changes to paint the stage on which her figures play. By altering scale and introducing mythical creatures, she offers a delicate touch of the fantastical– delicate enough to coolly demand a second look to better acknowledge their whimsy. Each work within this series displays the beauty, comfort, and soul of a secret garden, and in doing so Nom has given our minds a place to wander. Of what she wishes to emphasize with the collection, King says:


“The importance to find a space of your own wherever and whenever you can find it. A place where you can remember how to play again or do nothing at all but daydream and look around you– that would be nice, if folk looked at the pieces and had that peaceful feeling.”

-- writeup by Alexander Medlin II


ELENOR'S FOLLIES will be on view from February 18th - March 13th, 2022.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of March 14th, unless other arrangements have been made.

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