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solo exhibition

Opening March 3rd, 2023


Arch Enemy Arts is pleased to present: GRAVITY, an entrancing collection of curious specimens by sculptural artist, Danielle Schlunegger-Warner. Exhibiting a body of nine works, Danielle draws a narrative line through the ocean and the universe, creating poignant and reflective scenes captured in mixed media and epoxy resin. 


Operating out of Portland, OR, Danielle is skilled in a plethora of media, from carving wood and stone to casting metal and resin alike. Often depicting elements of the ocean and marine life, Danielle’s work is wrought with themes describing the effects of climate change on the natural world. With Gravity, the artist pushes these emotional depths further, writing that the show is:


“inspired by the concept of Deep Time, and our understanding of both geological and celestial systems. While I am still making emotional connections between ourselves and these larger systems, this body of work focuses less on how creatures adapt to changes in these systems and instead simply acknowledges their inevitability.

Gravity in science means the theoretical attraction between objects based on their mass, but it can also refer to the emotional weight of a difficult topic. It can also be linked to entropy, a system breaking down of its own accord. It is a natural force that ensures our survival, but it also will eventually result in the end of everything.”


These connections drawn between human-constructed and natural systems are thoughtfully expressed through the forms Danielle has created. Each is like a piece from a Wunderkammer, harkening brilliant aesthetic tools to teach and inspire. In this, her works become careful metaphors in the human need to understand ourselves through our delicate environments and the hubris in achievement against the wheel of time.


Gravity is Danielle Schlunegger-Warner’s second solo exhibition with Arch Enemy Arts, following 2021’s The Age of Descent.

- written by Alex Medlin 

Danielle's GRAVITY exhibition will be on view from March 3rd - April 2nd, 2023
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