Opening: March 1st, 2019

Arch Enemy is excited to announce the Curse of the Matryoshka, the second AEA solo collection from Joe Vollan. Joe has a distinct and eerie style he calls doom folk, with works telling complex stories of heartache and adventure. 

A story inspired by a set of Matryoshka dolls that Joe saw at an antique store in buffalo New York, curse of the Matryoshka is a story about a worm that is cursed by the devil, eaten by a magpie, who was doomed and eaten by the Knivesman of Madison, a fox who then inherited the curse and then passed it on to an eight-fingered butcher, a wolf, when he ate the fox.  Baba Yaga the witch then ate the wolf and was cursed herself. The devil had known that this was exactly how things would work out as he intended the curse for the witch the entire time. As each creature was eaten they were turned into a Matryoshka doll in the stomach of the creature that ate them.

The story is told through a collection of paintings, each detailing a key scene in the saga and displayed with a corresponding hand sculpted and details matryoshka doll to represent each main character in the story.

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Joe Vollan
"The Witch Who Ate The Wolf" (2019)
epoxy clay, acrylic on wooden nesting doll set

$2000 USD
Joe Vollan
"The Devil's Gift" (2019)
oil on birch in a vintage frame with custom artist sculpted elements
8 x 10" framed to 10 x 16"
$800 USD
Joe Vollan
"Ruckus on Brockfield Lane" (2019)
oil on birch panel in vintage frame with custom artist sculpted elements
12 x 16" framed to 17 x 20"
$1900 USD
Joe Vollan
"It Seemed That The 8 Fingered Butcher Was Losing On Purpose" (2019)
oil on birch in vintage frame with artist sculpted elements
8 x 14" framed to 11.5 x 15"
$1100 USD
Joe Vollan
"The Inheritance Was Gone Within Hours" (2019)
oil on birch in custom painted vintage frame with artist sculpted elements
10 x 12" framed to 13 x 15"
$1200 USD
Joe Vollan
"Death Card" (2019)
ink on antique paper in antique frame
2.5 x 3.5" framed to 4 x 5"
$150 USD
Joe Vollan
'Cleaver Pin' (2019)
cast resin, hand painted
limited edition of 20
signed and numbered
$30 USD
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