Christina Mrozik - The Feeling of Light
solo exhibition

May 4th - 26th, 2018

“The feeling of light is first and foremost a feeling. On a cold day, turning the corner and the sun hitting you with warmth. Can I notice that feeling with the same intensity I notice the brightness. Can I more fully inhabit the small experiences rather, the texture, the warmth, the sensation, than only recognizing with my eyes. Can I be mended through a larger unification?“

For her first Arch Enemy solo, midwestern-native and Portland, OR-based artist Christina Mrozik gets personal with a collection that focuses communication between the body and mind during times of distress. 

Her work has often used nature, and flora and fauna as metaphors for the human condition and it’s emotional, physical, and spiritual being. Metaphors about what we do and don’t trust, how to learn the physicality to our feelings and thoughts. For The Feeling of Light, Christina draws from her own experiences with distress and pain, vulnerability, and self forgiveness, illustrating the process with a series of images of transformation and awakening, bodies tangled and segmented, sorted out and put back together.. These ideas come from her own communications with her self, 

“While my body and I have conversations about the distress, I’ve also slowly built a language outside of words, a language of noticing, of piecing things together. When I draw, I try to find a way to make these questions available; transforming violence into beauty, into something the viewer can look at and sit with. My hope is this sitting will transform into a kind of listening to the quiet and the still evoked in the pieces. I want to create spaces for the less namable, but the deeply physical realities we all will or already face”

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Christina Mrozik
"Falling Into Light" (2018)
graphite, watercolor and gouache on paper
21 x 29" float framed to 25.6 x 33.8" (natural wood frame)
$3695 USD
Christina Mrozik
"Silence Held Too Long" (2018)
graphite on paper
16.5 x 30" float framed to 20 x 34" (black frame w/ gold lip and mat)
$2295 USD
Christina Mrozik
"Made by Surrender" (2018)
acrylic and oil on paper
12.5 x 16.5" framed to 15.875 x 22.5" (black frame w/ gold lip and mat)
Christina Mrozik
"We Belong to The Body" (2018)
graphite and watercolor on paper
15 x 22" framed (natural wood frame, oval cut mat)
$1495 USD
Christina Mrozik
"Reverie" (2018)
graphite and watercolor on paper
9 x 9" diamond float framed to 11.2 x 11.2" (black frame, gold lip)
$895 USD
Christina Mrozik
"Marrow" (2018)
porcelain and mixed media
12 x 22 x 3"
$995 USD
Christina Mrozik
"Tender" (2017)
porcelain and acrylic
12.25 x 8.5 x 2.5"
$1595 USD
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