Audrey Pongracz // Earthenware
solo show

July 13th - 28th, 2018

“The pieces in this show are based upon our current existence as earthbound vessels, and during our time here we can feel buried and trapped by our earthly problems”

For Detroit native Audrey Pongracz, a tug of war between the weight of the mortal world, and keeping faith in heavenly things to come is the driving force behind her first Arch Enemy collection, Earthenware. Through a series of mostly figurative paintings, each scene feels less like a struggle, or a symptom of pain, and more like a moment of pause. A deep breath to find inspiration and refocus, and a visual reminder of the strength of human faith in trying times. 


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Audrey Pongracz
"Wave After Wave" (2018)
oil on linen w/ bronze oil
24 x 24" framed to 25 x 25"
$2000 USD
Audrey Pongracz
"Day By Day" (2018)
oil on linen
18 x 24" framed to 20 x 24"
$1600 USD
Audrey Pongracz
"Unearthed" (2018)
oil & bronze on linen
14 x 20" framed to 16 x 22"
$1400 USD
Audrey Pongracz
Audrey Pongracz
(center) "The Corners of The Field" (2018) triptych
oil on linen
12 x 12" framed to 14 x 14" (x 3)
$1200 USD
Audrey Pongracz
Audrey Pongracz
"Burial" (2018)
oil on linen
11 x 14" framed to 14 x 18"
$900 USD
Audrey Pongracz
(left) "Here" (2018) diptych
oils & bronze oil on linen
11 x 14" framed to 13 x 16"
$1100 USD
Audrey Pongracz
(right) "There" (2018) diptych
Audrey Pongracz
"Harvest" (2018)
oil on linen
5 x 7" framed to 7 x 9"
$275 USD
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