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Thomas AScott

Side Trails


May 7th, 2021

Arch Enemy Arts is thrilled to present Side Trails, the third AEA solo exhibition by pop-surrealist painter Thomas Ascott.

Building off his previous series from 2019 we find ourselves back in Tennessee, exploring wooded trails along the Smoky Mountains where Thomas spent his youth. Using playful scenes that seem to capture the innocence in his characters, Thomas creates a world where salamanders grow into giants, bears play dress-up, and childlike skeletons stir up harmless mischief with the forest's most majestic residents. 


Side Trails truly showcases Thomas’s technical growth as a painter, but more than that there is a level of maturity within his painted subjects. There is a new found confidence seen within the eyes of the young girls who have been a focal point within Thomas’s paintings since genesis. Artistic growth is a driving force behind Thomas’s work. He states, “The most satisfying thing for me as an artist is to compare my current art to my art from one year prior, and to be able to see a clear improvement. Both technically and creatively.” 

SIDE TRAILS will be physically on view from May 7th - 28th, 2021.
Sold works will begin to ship the week of June 7th unless other rush shipping arrangements have been made.

A carousel gallery of WIP images have been included below.

All pieces marked with a red dot have been sold.

Most pieces are eligible for payment plan options, email to inquire.

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