As Above, So Below II
group show

June 1st - 28th, 2018

As Above So Below II, our June group exhibition and the second iteration of works that are meant to be viewed from multiple orientations features new works by Allison Reimold, Allison Sommers, Darla Jackson, David Seidman, Caitlin Hackett, Roland Tomassi, Jason Limon, Jessica Dalva, Jason Mowry, Kaila Gee, Hanna Jaeun, Michael Reedy, and Alan Brown.

Each piece is especially unique and explicitly created to be experienced from at least two different points of view. Without a right side up or an upside down, some pieces take advantage of a concept that is ‘reversible’, while others are untethered to any particular direction at all, with subject matter existing without gravity or orientation

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Hanna Jaeun
"Till Death Do Her Part" (2018)
acrylic on wood panel
12 x 24" framed to 14 x 26"
$1350 USD
David Seidman
"His, Ho and The Dragon" (2018)
digital original, mounted, varnished, and hand embellished
7" round (center) w/ 3" rounds surrounding it in a 15" vintage frame
(frame spins)
$1150 USD
Allison Reimold
"Death and The Maiden" (2018)
oil on paper
11 x 14" framed to 16 x 20"
$750 USD
Allison Sommers
"Floor" (2018)
gouache, mixed media & collage on panel
6 x 6"
Darla Jackson
"Still has the power to bite / Something growing in its place" (2018)
polyurethane resin, fired clay, acrylic paint and graphite
22 x 12 x 8"
$2500 USD
Alan Brown
"Tvinnak" (2018)
gouache and watercolor on watercolor paper
11 x 14" framed to 14 x 16.5" in custom frame
$1200 USD
Caitlin Hackett
"Lost Deity" (2018)
watercolor, pen & ink
8 x 10" framed to 10 x 12"
$650 USD
Roland Tomassi
"Pull" (2018)
graphite and acrylic on wood panel
12" (piece spins/rotates on wall)
$900 USD
Jason Limon
"Mimic" (2018)
acrylic on panels
5 x 10"
$500 USD
Jessica Dalva
"Stay Afloat" (2018)
mixed media clay sculpture on wooden base
7 x 14 x 4"
$900 USD
Jason Mowry
"First love, last days, and the stage" (2018)
watercolor, gouache
12 x 16" framed to 19.75 x 20.75"
Kaila Gee
"Ying Yang" (2018)
acrylic, hand carved bass wood, wax finish
6 x 8"
$500 USD
Michael Reedy
"Ah but Ah but Ah" (2018)
gouache, acrylic, glitter
17 x 17" framed to 23 x 23"
$950 USD
Carly Janine Mazur
"Persephone" (2016)
oil, acrylic, gold leaf on board
8 x 8" framed to 8.75 x 8.75"
$830 USD
Caitlin Hackett
"Master of The Hunt" (2015)
watercolor, pen, ink, and acrylic
16 x 20" (plus frame)
$1,600 USD
Caitlin Hackett
Caitlin Hackett
"After The Wolves Have Gone" (2016)
ballpoint pen and watercolor on cradled wood panel
11 x 14"
$900 USD
Caitlin Hackett
"Delerium" (2016)
ballpoint pen and watercolor on cradled wood panel
10 x 10"
$600 USD
Caitlin Hackett
""Time Is Not On Our Side" (2016)
ballpoint pen and watercolor on cradled wood panel
18 X 24"
$1,800 USD
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